Downsizing Services

For Real Estate Agents with clients who are downsizing: Interiors by Debbie is an excellent choice for a client considering a move to downsize from their family home or a move into an assisted living facility. Not only are they making the huge and overwhelming decision to sell and move from their homes but they must also consider all the necessary components that are required for that move.
• Research and locate a smaller home or appropriate facility
• Refurbish or upgrade their home for sale
• Liquidate their estate
• Design and Stage their home for a faster sale
• Select the furnishings/accessories for the new home
• Organize. Pack. Move
• Decorate their new home
• Handle time-consuming minutiae
As Downsizing Specialists we can help with all of these things for your client. With one phone call to 619-300-8100, we will put into motion the entire process and get the client on the fastest, most efficient track possible, thus making the sale of the home an easier and smoother process for everyone.

Knowing that Interiors by Debbie exists, and the tremendous benefits it offers, will take a large burden off of you and your client and create a more comfortable, stress-free, and productive base from which you can both move forward to the sale. This is a full service business where everyone wins!

Downsizing Services was created due to Debbie's own personal experiences.

Downsizing Testimonials

“When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, we were told he only had a few months to live. Dealing with that news from the east coast while Dad lived in San Diego was an overwhelming feeling. Thank goodness for Interiors by Debbie. She got us in touch with the local Hospice, and became our long-distance liaison She was there to help with all the arrangements, that due to the distance and our grief, we were unable to do ourselves.”
— Rob C., Fairfax, VA

“When it was time to move my Mother and Aunt from their home where they had lived for over 40 years to an assisted living facility, I called Interiors by Debbie. Debbie and her warm and professional staff organized and sorted the home full of treasured possessions, much of what were rare and highly valuable. She then helped move them into their new facility. When that was complete Debbie brought in a highly experienced Estate Liquidation Company trained in fine Japanese and Chinese art and artifacts that helped us sell, through many resources, the many valuable pieces to obtain the very highest in price. Interiors by Debbie made this emotionally painful and mental and physical ordeal easy and fun. Debbie saved us time, money and mental and emotional anguish.”
— Sandy M., Rancho Santa Fe, CA

  “When it was time to downsize from our large home to a smaller retirement home, we knew who to call, Interiors by Debbie. Debbie was there with her warm and talented staff to make the liquidation of our estate painless and fun. When that was complete, Debbie designed and remodeled our new home so that we would be comfortable. Thank you, Debbie!”
— Herm J., San Diego, CA


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