Interior Design Services

From the countless bathrooms and kitchens Debbie has remodeled in her 25+ years as an Interior Designer to the many high-end residential homes she has taken down to studs and recreated as an Owner/Builder, Debbie has 6 major elements that are inherent in all her work:

• Enlarge all exterior openings as much as possible to invite the exterior light and landscape features indoors.
• Minimize as many interior walls as necessary to encourage light to filter throughout the home to create a bright, spacious, open feeling.
• When possible, create height, openness and space with interesting ceiling detail.
• Keep the palette monochromatic so the accessories and the outdoor create the “POP!”
• Landscape all adjoining patio areas for a more expansive feel.
• Minimize. Less is most often more.

Believing that the indoors should encompass the out, and the outside should become part of the indoors, Debbie uses an array of fabrics and textures coupled with Florida colors to create an inviting, casual elegance that is expansive, fresh, unique and comfortable.

Interior Design Testimonials

“You made buying our home in San Diego so easy. Though we were in Virginia you remodeled, designed and furnished our home with only email communication. Imagine our surprise when you picked us up at the airport and drove us to our “New Home. We were ecstatic with all that transpired in the two months since the purchase! We so appreciate the ease at which the buying, design and the remodeling took place. We are delighted with our new home. Thank you so much.”
— Donna and Ed F., Fairfax, VA

“I want to make sure that you understand how happy we continue to be with your work. Your attention to detail and your ability to communicate with us (in a language we understood) made our experience with you an enjoyable one. Thank you once again for your hard work, professionalism and honesty.”
— Rodney S., San Diego, CA

“The buying process was painless and the design, remodeling and furnishing portion was fun and easier than we could even imagine. Thank you for your responsive nature and your communicative professionalism. Though we were dealing with many things we were not knowledgeable in, you made it easy, simplistic and beautiful! We are thrilled with our new home! Thank you.”
— Bill and Mary T., Chicago, IL 

“We want to thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into helping make our remodel project a success. The finished project was done on time, on budget and certainly exceeded our expectations. From the initial consultation, to the selection of materials, furnishings, methods and contractors, your knowledge and expertise were invaluable. Thanks again for a job well done.”
— Sten and Irma J., San Diego, CA

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